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Linksammlung Intelligence


Central Intelligence Agency

  • Press releases, testimony before Congress, and publications
  • Links to intelligence community web sites
  • Factbook on Intelligence
    • History of the Central Intelligence Agency, key dates, and historic list of intelligence directors


Intelligence Community

  • Web site of the Federation of American Scientists
  • Presidential Executive Orders and Directories, Defense Department Directories, laws and regulations affecting American intelligence
  • Links to official intelligence community web sites with FAS model web pages

Intelligence Resource Program

  • Intelligence Resource Program (by the Federation of American Scientists)


National Security Agency

  • Brief information about the agency
  • National Security Agency Declassified (GWU)
    • Electronic briefing book from the National Security Archive
    • Fifteen declassified memoes establishing the National Security Agency (Truman) and reports of its findings (e.g. Vietnam, India's water shortage, murder of Michael DeVine)
    • The NSA Archive

National Security Council

  • The NSC advises the President on military affairs and is headquartered in the White House
  • Text of speeches and selected documents
  • History of the agency and a national security strategy


Strategic Intelligence (Loyola)

  • Links to U.S. intelligence and military intelligence web pages as well as selected web pages of foreign countries
  • Selected declassified documents and journal articles from Covert Action Quarterly


U.S. Intelligence Community (Columbia University)

  • Chart describing relationship of U.S. intelligence agencies
  • Annotated bibliography and web links to information on the CIA, DIA, NSC, NSA, FBI, Energy Department and State Department
  • Histories, intelligence reform, bibliographies, classified and declassified documents, periodical articles

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