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Titel der Veranstaltung:

Humanitarian Intervention and Sovereignty in World Politics

Art der Veranstaltung:





Robert Schütte, M.A.


Donnerstag, 16.00 - 17.30; Raum 10 im Forschungsinstitut


vom 1. bis 16. Oktober über die Lehrstuhlhomepage. Aufgrund der räumlichen Kapazitäten ist das Seminar auf 15 Teilnehmer begrenzt.


Since the end of Cold War, genocides and grave human rights violations across the globe have sparked controversial debates about the legitimacy of military intervention to save innocent civilians from violence. Proponents argue that if a state is not able or not willing to protect its citizens from mass atrocities, the international community has a responsibility to intervene. When genocide or grave breaches of international humanitarian law are committed, humanitarian intervention may become imperative. However, who is entitled to decide when and where to intervene? Opponents of humanitarian interventions hold that state sovereignty must be respected, that attempts to introduce a right to intervene on humanitarian grounds might become a pretext for neo-imperialist policies, and that military interventions cannot be an adequate instrument to protect human rights.

The seminar will examine the theoretical and practical dimension of the discussion surrounding humanitarian interventionism and state sovereignty, and its development until today. After a brief introduction into the history of the concepts of sovereignty and humanitarian intervention, the seminar will inquire into case studies such as Iraq, Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Darfur. Moreover, the seminar will take an in-depth look into the emerging concept of the ?Responsibility to Protect? and the current state of discussions.

The seminar will be hold in English.


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